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Do you find your career passion? Am I an efficient employee? Do you find your career passion? Am I an efficient employee?  If you would like to work on becoming even more efficient, consider the following:
 •  Create to-do lists, and actually use them to track your progress on current projects.
 •  Whenever possible, avoid taking personal calls and completing personal tasks during the day. This will only distract you from the tasks at hand.
 •  Always strive to learn more; never get too comfortable in a daily routine. No matter what your job is, there is always more to learn and always new things to try to become a more efficient employee.
 •  When your boss assigns a task, follow up when necessary, asking any relevant questions as you work.
 •  Try your best to be on time every day and to all meetings.
 •  Keep in mind how current projects will impact future projects. Planning ahead will go a long way in helping you become a more efficient employee.
 •  When you make a mistake, admit it and do everything you can to correct it.
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