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Team Site > Career Advancement Survey > View Response #4,280  

Career Advancement Survey: View Response #4,280

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1.  What is your current job title?

Tax Examiner 

2.  Grade Level


3.  Years in present position

greater than 10 years 

4.  Identify yourself


5.  Gender


6.  Are you interested in getting a career promotion?


7.  How many years have you worked for the Federal Government?

11-15 years 

8.  What is the highest level of education you have completed?

Bachelor's degree 

9.  Did your mentor assist you with your career advancement?


10. Did the IRS provide you opportunities (e.g., mentoring, networking, training, etc.) to move from lower or middle management positions into senior management positions within the past 5 years?


11.  How many jobs have you applied for within the past 3 years?

over 50 times 

12. From the list of reasons below, which do you believe is the reason you didn't get the job? If you have different reasons, please fill in the box. Check all that apply.

Interpreting costs/concerns 

13. IRS employees face extra obstacles in their careers because they are both minority and Deaf. Do you agree with this statement?

5 - Strongly Agree 

14. Overall, how satisfied are you with your present job?

1 - Very Dissatisfied 

Please give any suggestions on how you feel this can be improved.

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