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Career Advancement Survey: View Response #20

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1.  What is your current job title?

Canadian Dating 

2.  Grade Level


3.  Years in present position

1 - 4 years 

4.  Identify yourself


5.  Gender


6.  Are you interested in getting a career promotion?


7.  How many years have you worked for the Federal Government?

11-15 years 

8.  What is the highest level of education you have completed?

Professional degree 

9.  Did your mentor assist you with your career advancement?


10. Did the IRS provide you opportunities (e.g., mentoring, networking, training, etc.) to move from lower or middle management positions into senior management positions within the past 5 years?


11.  How many jobs have you applied for within the past 3 years?

Fewer than 5 times 

12. From the list of reasons below, which do you believe is the reason you didn't get the job? If you have different reasons, please fill in the box. Check all that apply.

Communication Challenges; Another candidate was better qualified; You didn't have enough education or experience; You didn't interview well; You felt that favoritism was involved 

13. IRS employees face extra obstacles in their careers because they are both minority and Deaf. Do you agree with this statement?

5 - Strongly Agree 

14. Overall, how satisfied are you with your present job?

4 - Satisfied 

Please give any suggestions on how you feel this can be improved.

Please ladies, allot of us guys don’t sit around pondering your feminist values and whatnot. We’ll easily miss the nuances of your mixed signals. We don’t know what a slut walk is (?). It sounds like a great place to get laid. When you willingly bound up the stairs to the bedroom with three guys we assume you’re not looking for chivalry but rather down for penetration x3 and all doors are open. Some guys are enlightened, well meaning men who care about your feelings. Those guys understand that you want to feel out of control, and give in to wild sex with abandon – and they know how to walk the line between domination and abuse. But other men aren’t enlightened, don’t give a sh*t about your feelings, and perceive all your “signals’ as just the ramblings of another incoherent slut. And please… if you’re having random group sex be aware that the men likely consider you a slut. They are not impressed. They are dumbfounded. Most men value sluts on a scale from: “Yeah, your slutty ass can take a good dickng down, yuckity yuck, you horny bitch” …. to… “what a f@*king ret*rd#d slut!”

I know I sound like an unsympathetic jerk. I’m not. I feel desperately sorry for this girl and all the silent women out there like her. I know it’s confusing for women nowadays but I’m distressed at how clueless she was. As men we simply don’t understand – you can see this in the above comments. We’ve been in similar situations. Groups of bigger, stronger men have wanted something we value (whether it be our weed, women, or cash) and they’ve tried to cajole us, isolate us, and lure us into unfamiliar surroundings. No chance.

Could this woman have deluded herself into feeling safe because of the collegiate environment as speculated by a commentator above? Maybe, but they didn’t name the old movie “animal house” for nothing and anyone who’s been to college parties can discern the animalistic/pack-mentality of many participants. The lion’s den analogy seems appropriate. Don’t go into into the lion’s den if you are a lamb.

206Benjamin Fox April 24, 2011 at 6:42 am

You people are fucking ludicrous. You call yourselves Christians yet say women don’t have an inherent right not to be raped.

uhhh…I get it, you hate women and you hate your life. But God isn’t siding with you. So why don’t you just stop the facade. You’re not fooling anyone.

Is this some sort of contrived No True Scotsman Christian fallacy? Make no mistake, no “right” is going to prevent you from being raped. Unless you believe all men are rapists, that right is not granted to you by human beings. Because, then, every encounter you walk away from is one where they allowed you to live.

Stop with your haughty entitlement attitude, heed the “stupid rules”, buy a gun, get training, and exercise your God-given right not to be raped. As an independent adult, you are the only one who is ultimately responsible for your safety.

Created at 6/16/2016 9:58 AM  by *** 
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